Client   SuccessStories

CFGP’s Mission Advancement Services hold the professional tools you need for your organization to reach its goals. We offer our development services at a competitive cost that falls below those of a for-profit firm. Take a look at some of our client’s success stories to learn more about why MAS is right for you.

CFGP-MAS-update-CSStories-final_10.pngCatholic Charities Appeal of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Since CFGP’s inception in 2013, our MAS team has worked with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia on the annual Catholic Charities Appeal. The role of MAS in working with the CCA has been a collaborative approach - the creation and development of all of the CCA marketing materials including website and social media sites, management of all CCA events throughout the year, parish workshops, implementation of strategic plans, prospect research, major gift solicitation, management of all CCA data and donations, and more.

In the last 3 years the CCA has consistently raised over $10 million toward their fundraising goal with the assistance of our MAS team. These funds are distributed to the many organizations that make up the five key areas of the Appeal: education, social services, evangelization, parish and spiritual life, clergy, and local mission activities.

The annual Catholic Charities Appeal (CCA) is the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s largest annual fundraising initiative. The CCA serves more than 200,000 people across the Greater Philadelphia area, regardless of their faith, and supports the homeless, the elderly, disadvantaged youth, and the developmentally delayed through its various social service programs.

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CFGP-MAS-update-CSStories-final_07.pngSt. Charles Borromeo Seminary Appeal

CFGP’s MAS team has managed the annual St. Charles Borromeo Seminary Appeal for more than three years. MAS is accountable for the development and creation of all Seminary Appeal marketing materials, its website content and design, parish collateral pieces, strategic fundraising plans, management of all data, gift processing, donor information and more. The MAS team has also worked closely with the Seminary to oversee two large-scale events that are held every other year, a golf outing and a gala dinner. Since 2013, these events have raised over $2 million for the Seminary.

Since beginning to work with MAS, the Seminary Appeal has increased its annual appeal revenue from $1.6 million to nearly $3.5 million. The funds raised for the Seminary Appeal support the preparation of strong pastoral leaders and enrichment of the academic, pastoral, and spiritual programs offered to students.

The St. Charles Borromeo Seminary Appeal is an annual fundraising initiative for support of the education and formation of priests, deacons, religious leaders and laity within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and throughout the country. The Appeal allows the Seminary to continue its necessary work in preparing priests, deacons, religious, and laity for service to our parishes, schools, and other Catholic organizations.

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Capital Campaign

St. John the Baptist Parish

St. John the Baptist Parish needed to raise $1 million to repair and restore their parish. With the guidance of CFGP’s Mission Advancement Services (MAS), Msgr. Lawrence ran a capital campaign with the goal of raising $1 million and surpassed it. At the end of the campaign, the total amount raised had reached $1,056,185. Msgr. Lawrence and his parishioners helped to preserve one of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s most treasured buildings, and with the help of CFGP, achieved what they thought was impossible.

Annual Appeal

St. Martha Parish

In 2016, St. Martha Parish in Philadelphia celebrated 50 years as a parish and Catholic community. Working with CFGP’s MAS, St. Martha Parish revamped their annual block collection and ran an annual appeal. The Appeal goal was to be $50,000, the largest goal the parish had ever set.Read More

CFGP’s MAS developed an appeal strategy tailored to the specific needs and goals of St. Martha Parish. MAS Coordinators provided guidance during the preparation and active phases of the Appeal. Through CFGP MAS, St. Martha’s was equipped with an appeal timetable, including a week by-week communications plan, marketing materials, customized letters from their pastor, weekly updates on the Appeal’s progress and so much more. By the conclusion of the Jubilee Appeal, St. Martha’s raised a total of $52,182, a 41% increase from their 2014-15 block collection.

Annual Appeal

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

In Doylestown, Pennsylvania, the heart of Bucks County, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish stands as a symbol of family. Their community is thriving with vibrant parishioners who value their faith and make every effort to grow their evangelization. During the summer, Our Lady of Guadalupe Pastor, Monsignor Joseph Gentili, announced that the parish would be working with CFGP’s MAS to conduct an annual Stewardship Appeal.Read More

Msgr. Gentili set the Stewardship Appeal goal to $50,000, and, together with his parish and CFGP, began diligently working on the Appeal in hopes of meeting their goals. Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Stewardship Appeal saw incredible success. The Appeal raised a total of $122,387, increasing their total amount raised from the previous year by 469%. The parish also saw a 226% increase in the number of gifts made to the Appeal, with 70% of its donors being new. CFGP’s customized approach partnered with the parish’s ongoing support and enthusiasm helped the Appeal reach new heights.

Grant Writing

The Augustinian Defenders of the Rights of the Poor (ADROP)

A small nonprofit organization in South Philadelphia, ADROP is committed to providing supportive services to individuals in poverty. The facility offers several programs to the community including a free health clinic and ESL programming for the immigrant populations they serve. ADROP has also created several partnerships with top rated institutions throughout the Philadelphia area, including Thomas Jefferson University Hospital – Methodist Division, Villanova College of Nursing, and the University of Pennsylvania School of Family Medicine. ADROP began working with CFGP’s MAS on several grant writing projects in hopes of securing funding for their organization. CFGP staff worked closely with ADROP to develop persuasive grant proposals that illustrated their immediate needs and goals. With CFGP’s help, ADROP was able to secure a $10,000 grant from PNC Charitable Trusts.

Grant Writing

St. Agnes School

St. Agnes Catholic School worked with CFGP’s grant writers for guidance in writing and compiling grant proposals. The proposals requested funding for the school’s seventh and eighth grade technology initiative. St. Agnes School received $1,500 from The Beneficial Foundation through their grant submissions and have renewed their partnership with CFGP.

Increased Offertory Program

St. John Chrysostom Parish

St. John Chrysostom Parish in Wallingford implemented an Increased Offertory Program to help increase their regular Sunday offertory. After their six-week program concluded, the parish saw a 17.69% increase in their weekly offertory, or a projected additional $130,330.40 annually.

Increased Offertory Program

Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish

Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish in Montgomery County wanted to increase their Sunday offertory and grow their electronic giving capabilities. CFGP’s MAS team worked with the parish to create and implement an Increased Offertory Program. The Parish saw a projected $120,000 increase in their annual offertory and also doubled the amount of electronic donors.